Slam Poetry Rovaniemi
Slam Poetry Rovaniemi


Slam Poetry Rovaniemi

What? Slam Poetry is a contest in performance poetry.

Where? Monitoritalo Monde, Pohjolankatu 6, Rovaniemi.

When? 18. June, starting at 19 pm.

Who? The event is for all ages and also free!

In which language? The language of the performance is free!

Sign up: If you already know you are interested in competing, you can sign up by emailing: Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.


Slam Poetry is a form of stage poetry that dates back to the 80s in the United States. The intention was to make poetry more inspiring and exciting, so a competition was created between the performers. Slam Poetry competitions have been held in Finland since 2000. Only a few competitions have been seen in Lapland, the most recent of which was held in 2019, the event was the Laplands regional qualifiers of the Poetry Slam Finnish Championships.


Hargita Roka
Hargita Roka



Hargita Ròka arrived in Rovaniemi as a volunteer at the Monde youth center in the autumn. She made an application for a project in Rovaniemi partly as a joke, and didn’t really even check where Rovaniemi was. However, Hargita was selected for the project. Rovaniemi proved to be bit more north than she expected which was a small shock to Hargita. Now, 10 months later, leaving Rovaniemi is difficult, Finland has become a dear place, but at the same time the volunteer project is coming to an end. It is probably not possible to continue working in Rovaniemi without the project even though she would like to.


While Hargita has been in Rovaniemi, she has also encountered a phenomenon that is been affecting all of us in the world, the coronavirus. The restrictions in Finland and Rovaniemi made getting to know Finns more difficult, but not impossible. However, homesickness struck during the trip and Hargita ended up talking to her Hungarian friends via video calls. It had been promised in Monde at the start of the volunteer work that it would be possible to organize almost anything within Monde’s resources. Hargita ended up talking with her Hungarian friends about Slam Poetry. In Hungary, there had been monthly Slam Poetry events and Hargita had attended them since she was 14 years old. The question arose as to whether a similar Slam Poetryn culture could be created in Rovaniemi as well. In Rovaniemi Hargita fast found equally minded people for performance poetry and the event organizing could not be done without the help of her cooworkers, Sanaseura, Lapin Kirjallisuusseura and all the other people that have helped in a way or other.


Plans for the Slam Poetry events in Rovaniemi have come to the stage that the first of them takes place on June 18, this Friday. The event is not intended to be the only one, there should be two more, one in July and another one in August. It is also hoped that a successor will be found to organize the events in the autumn.


The program of the Slam Poetry event is divided into three sections. In the first and third section, a Slam Poetry competition will be held, with participants having 3-4 minutes to perform their poems. Poems are judged by a jury created from members of the audience. Competition is done in one round so every competant perform once. The competition is meant to be fun and ofcourse the review is done with a good and positive vibes. The purpose of the competition is only to inspire and create excitement for the event.


In addition of the competition, it is also possible to read your poetry without participating in the competition. Free open mic happens between the performances of the competitors, so if you do not feel the competition is your thing or just want to try performing on stage, you are welcome to perform your poetry at that time. We want the event to feel as safe as possible and everyone’s performances are respected equally. Let's create Slam Poetry culture together in Rovaniemi!


If you are interested in participating as a competitor, performer or audience, get more information from Facebook: Click!

You can also contact Hargita Ròka directly by sending an email to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.